14 April 2019 / Club News

Match Report Llanishen RFC 2s v Ynysddu

Fun Bus & A Fun Day
A bus driver in the guise of Denzil, Dolan as Del Boy, Harri as Rodney aka Dave, Abbie as Cassandra and a sunny day meant it was time for the Jolly Boy’s tour to Ynysddu.
Ample libation aboard so cue music (not the awful rap rubbish):
Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Ynysddu
A beautiful day, we had a song on the way and all thanks to Paul, terrara
But on the way back I sat with Fish and opened a bottle of cider
Singin' a few of our favourite songs, as the wheels went round and round, terrara.
A stacked bench, seven plus a tiddled eighth, and a powerful starting XV mean the travelling fans were hoping to see some good rugby. 
The pitch was firm with a marked depression around the centre spot (on a map with a separate contour line as Marc commented) and from the kick off the boys looked to move the ball wide at every opportunity.
The boys were conceding too many penalties at the breakdown but quick powerful runs by Tom Vaughan, similar to a later run in the early evening, Owain P running a little quicker than later and Paul ‘I haven’t had this many runs in years’ Dolan gave the team good go forward.
In defence Champie was putting in great tackles and then opposition props were going at it like rutting bulls before a kick through gave ‘The Lions’ a chance to score. The chance was missed and ‘ddu cleared the ball.
Ben and Mad Dog then made seven changes (rolling subs agreed to before kick-off) and shortly afterwards a fantastic catch and run, by Clutters, followed by a pass to Lewis and then to The Poacher, Elian, to score the first try, magnificently converted by Lewis.
‘Ddu then exerted considerable pressure but great tackling by Champie, Sean and Sion kept them out. 
Do you recall the thrill of it all as we walked along the touchline
Then on the grass we heard Rosie fart playing the diddlely-bump-terrara
Lee and me had a of tea, then jumped straight to Lager
Sloshing it down without a frown as the day drew longer and longer terrara.
Half-Time Ynysddu 0 Llanishen 7
A monster Fish tackle and great drives by Lee and ‘Le Buffon’ gave Llanishen a 5 metre scum. Our scrum was driven back but a great pick up and drive, by Liam, got the team over the gain line. Quick passing by Tom R and good offload by Rhys gave Bish the chance to score a fine try, which was converted by Lewis.
From the kick off Liam caught it and drove forward before passing to Lewis. He passed on to Bish who passed to Jack Marshall to score a lovely try.
Ynysddu, however, weren’t ready to roll over and a fine driving maul created their first try, which they converted.
Lewis’ kick-off went over the ten metre line then spun back allowing Llanishen to reclaim the ball. A kick through and chase by Bish allowed him to score his second try (VAR might have ruled it out for a slight nudge on the defender but, remarkably, it wasn’t i use today!).
Young Duffy then put his body on the line, gaining a knock to the head for his troubles, but it enabled Llan to nullify the opposition attack.
Back came ‘Ddu and a fine series of rucks and mauls allowed them to score a second try.
Soon afterwards the force that is the Rose set off on a run like a demented gazelle before Bish set off on a run of his own. Tom R put a kick through, which Elian latched on to score his second and Llanishen’s fifth try.
Darius, Stewart and Lloyd were playing well, though late nights started to tell towards the end of the game, so powerful runs by the bus driver were needed to keep the opposition at bay.
Enter Sam from the crowd, a misplaced kick off and then failing to release after a tackle meant he’d earned a yellow card (Does 45 seconds count as an appearance? Back to the ale).
Robin put the proverbial icing on the cake with a fifty metre try under the posts and the conversion brought the game to an end.
Full-Time Ynysddu 14 Llanishen 36
Back to the Clubhouse and wonderful hospitality followed, Two hours later we made our way home. 
Wasn't it nice eating curry ‘n rice as we strolled around the clubhouse
We loved the boat race, then fell on our face and had a bloody giggle terrara 
We’d had to be slick 'cause Ynys were quick and some were feeling peeky 
Lou said to the lads, what made us feel bad were bubbles frothing up terrara
The boys and me, we finished our beer and said goodbye to Ynyddu
Then on the bus, Cluts said to us, what a bloody laugh terrara
Wouldn't it be grand to have cash on demand and to live like this for ever
Oh, it makes me feel ill, when I think of the bill and the wheels going 'round" terrara
Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Ynysddu
A beautiful day, we had a song on the way and all thanks to Paul terrara
But on the way back I sat with Fish and opened a bottle of cider
Singin' a few of our favourite songs as the wheels went round and round terrara.
Ahem..... an eventful trip back in the bus and a good laugh at the Club. Great fun and a testament to the strides the Seconds have made this year.
Make you you get your tickets for the Senior and Youth Annual Dinner :

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