25 April 2019 / Club News

What's Another Year?

What’s Another Year?
Well quite a lot, thanks for asking Mr. Logan?
The opening of the 3G pitch was completed earlier than expected and is the envy of visiting sides and, aside from snow, has resulted in no cancelled games. The link to Llanishen High has been further cemented by its construction and senior players have been watching the senior school team’s play.
The ‘Mini and Juniors’ remain a strength and often the Clubs senior teams have more than half a side of ex M & Js. Credit to all of the coaches on their efforts and congratulations to the boys on their results and application shown.
The Seconds have gone from a major worry to a roaring success (listen to their singing), both on and off the field. Credit to everyone involved as discord has given way to harmony. 
A close second in the League was soon forgotten and ‘The Fun Bus’ trip to Ynysddu will stay long in the memory (the bits people can remember!).
The Youth too have been an enormous plus this year, in terms of results, participation and togetherness. Respect to Gerry, Mac and Paul for producing a group of boys we can, as a Club, be proud of.
The Tour to Hannover was a great success in terms of enjoyment and rugby. The boys won the two games and, especially after the first game, mixed with the opposition (teaching, ahem, the German boys a few Anglo Saxon drinking games). The German side is now looking to bring a Youth and senior side on tour to Cardiff, evidence of the links sport can forge.
The Firsts have been more of a ‘Curate’s Egg’. Good in many places but let down in some areas. Not, mind you, for a lack of effort, more execution near the opposition’s line. The team is, however, still young and the heart and desire demonstrated portends well for the coming seasons.
Many thanks to Harry, Ben and Tal for the coaching and ‘The Lock’ for all the hard work, usually unseen, that goes into running a side.
Of far more importance has been the development of a collective spirit with the Club. Opposition team’s (Llanharan for example) have commented on the ‘feel’ around the Club. A ‘Rugby Club’ where people mix, regardless of the team they play for or their ages.
So what is a rugby club? For me it should be:
A place where one can laugh at oneself within the comfort of a collective group of like minded people. 
A place where people are pulling together (this is better but needs to be consolidated).
A place where newcomers are welcomed and embraced.
A Club that extends beyond Wales – links and games played against Berne and Hannover.
A place where people feel secure in returning to, after a period of living away. 
A place of comfort and support, after the passing away of a loved one’
A place where older members help younger members find a job e.g. offering apprentice places within their company.
A place where success, outside of rugby, is celebrated.  
To conclude, as electronically linked as we are, there’s a definite disconnect between various groups within society and I truly believe that a rugby club can give a framework that allows this connection to occur.
A pretentious load of old school twaddle, perhaps, but a heartfelt opinion nonetheless as I believe we offer the above bullet pointed statements. 
I am proud to be a Lion!
Oh, the matches. Well in the First’s game the ball went up and down the pitch and in the end we lost in the heat of the Burma Road (sighting of Alec Guinness, whistling Colonel Bogey, have not been confirmed and no bridge is under construction).
The Youth game also saw movement up and down the pitch and resulted in a fine win against Newport High School Old Boys.
The Youth have three games left: a touring team (Newtown) next Sunday (27th), Llantwit Major at home on the 4th May (at the suggestion of senior players a BBQ will be held back at the Club after the game) and an away match against Cardiff Youth on the 11th of May.
Come along and support the boys. They are entertaining to watch and afterwards support the club by buying some liquid refreshment. It has got very warm recently. You may be lucky enough to hear them sing, or was that unlucky!

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