01 October 2020 / Club News

Clubhouse Update - Temporary Re-closure

Due to the latest tightening of restrictions due to Covid 19, the clubhouse bar operation will close on Sunday 4th October following the afternoon program. This closure is temporary, but is driven by economics and is a much needed measure to ensure we do not build up debt.

The local lockdown has exasperated an already difficult situation with people not returning to normal social activities and we have thus seen a huge drop off in bar related revenue. This coupled with the inability to host large functions has made trading econimically almost impossible.

On top of the above measures we have had to make some difficult decisions regarding staffing, which has unfortunately led to some staff redundancies as there is simply not enough activity to maintain their employment. With reduncancy and recent natural departures, the club would like to express their sincere gratitude to Chris Thomas and Charleen Flowers for their much valued contribution over the last couple of years. We are also reviewing all expenditure associated with the clubhouse operation, and when able taking decisions to cut costs further.

We intend to keep a close eye on developments and will re-open once the financial climate allows us to and then only if we can trade to achieve at least breakeven. That said, we will consider ways in which we can justify partial opening or, opening for special, club occasions in the future.

We will continue to prepare and improve the Club for re-opening with all of the fine voluntary work currently being undertaken within and around the Clubhouse continuing.

Fortunately as a club we have a large and loyal membership, and this membership will hopefully allow us to bounce back strongly once we get to the other side of this current crisis. At that point we would love to see you all again in large numbers at the Clubhouse for socialising, functions and many more enjoyable events.

PS we would love to see you at the club prior to closure to enjoy a final drink, chat and laugh. Remember we have a large outdoor area and are operating to meet the all current Covid requirements

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