11 December 2020 / Club News

Important Club Update 11/12/20

Hi All

We hope you are all keeping well during this very difficult time, and we also hope that like us you are looking forward to a return to some sort of normality the other side of Christmas.

Please find detailed below some important information regarding our club, and hopefully a number of positive messages for the future as well.

Clubhouse and Community Hub – Resuming (New) Normal Business

By way of background, as many of you are aware many businesses have faced very tough times recently, and sporting clubs such as ours are no exception. Indeed it is feared a large number of sporting clubs will never re-open, creating a massive void in their communities.

We have been very lucky so far due the hard work of a number of key individuals, and the decisions made (some very difficult) to ensure the continued viability of the clubhouse / community hub operation. By taking the very difficult decision to close the Bar operation in preparation for reopening next year, we have been able to consolidate finances and are on track to survive these damaging lock down periods and emerge in a much stronger position next Spring.  

Given the current circumstances, and the previous lack of revenue when we re-opened post original lockdown, the clubhouse / community hub will remain closed (*) provisionally until Thursday 1st April 2021, at which time we are hoping that the vaccine will have been distributed widely and we can re-open fully. That said, as per previous communications this may well be Thursday to Sunday, unless we have significant events on that allow us to open on other days when commercially viable to do so.  We simply cannot be open unless we achieve break-even as a minimum.  

(*) This excludes paid daytime and community activities that continue to take place, whilst observing all social distancing guidelines.

On a positive note, when we do re-open you will notice a large number of improvements to the clubhouse, which have been done primarily through huge volunteer efforts from a number of club members, and through the welcome sponsorship of the Mega 4 committee. Improvements include:

  • Fully refurbished men’s toilets
  • Fully repaired ladies toilets
  • Further enhancements to the main function room (removal of bench seating and making good)
  • Enhancements to the bar areas
  • General repainting
  • New patio and lawned areas
  • Re-painted decking
  • Etc.

These improvements have and are being made at the clubhouse to continue to improve the environment for the membership and the broader community. It should be noted that Phil Ivins in particular has led from the front on these improvements, working very long hours both at the club, and searching the web for free top soil, patio slabs, etc. We are all very grateful for his leadership in this area. Phil has been ably assisted by a number of consistent volunteers from the membership, and our thanks go to them too.

Finances have been stretched beyond belief during the pandemic, and the club model moving forward will have to be more dependent on the time of the volunteers from the Management and Membership.

We hope that once the pandemic is over, you will return in your masses to fully utilise and enjoy the upgraded facilities, thereby ensuring the club’s future. Remember it is your clubhouse and hub. Thinking about a party - think the clubhouse, thinking about a night out – think the clubhouse. We can all contribute to its continued sustainability.


Given the pandemic scenario, clearly we are unable to host an AGM meeting at present. The AGM has therefore been moved to a date to be confirmed once we fully re-open. In the meantime, copies of the 2019-2020 annual accounts are available from John Andrews should you wish to view them. If you would like a copy along with an explanatory summary, please request them directly from John on


All memberships are now due, and ideally would need to be paid by 31/12/20. We recognise the issues relating to memberships, (availability of the Clubhouse / Community Hub, etc.) so the payment will in effect last for 18 months, covering 2 seasons for the price of one.

We have invested in a new system called Clubforce, which will allow online payments for memberships, so the details of how to pay will be conveyed shortly.

Membership prices are as follows:

  • Rugby                   £50
  • Social                     £15
  • Youth                    £50
  • Associate             £10
  • Pensioner           £5

We would ask you to pay by the deadline as this revenue will be vital to cover standing costs and debt repayments until we re-open.

Mega 4 Lottery

As many of you will know, after many years of very hard work, the Mega 4 Committee have decided to ‘retire’. The date of the final draw will be announced in due course (probably April / May). The retirement of the Mega 4 allows the club to utilise the new Clubforce system to run a similar lottery programme, and this new lottery is targeted to start on 1st January 2021. Further details to follow. We would once again ask for you support on this as it is another important source of funding to continue to re-invest in the club and its members.

We would like to place on record the fantastic efforts the Mega 4 have put in over the years, and their backing of many, many projects have allowed the club and its members to enjoy a better environment, as well as helping with sponsorship, tours, etc. Thank you all.

Club Volunteer Days

Nearer re-opening time, we hope to run a couple of Club Volunteer Days to get the club clean and ship shape prior to re-opening. We will announce this nearer the time, but would really welcome you help to clean, paint, cut grass, pick up leaves, etc.

We may also be looking for a number of items to further enhance the bar environment, so if you have any of the items that you no longer need we would welcome donations. A list of what may be required will also be issued in due course. It is likely to be garden parasols, mirrors, picture frames, etc.

As always if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Have a great Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year some time.

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