13 May 2020 / Club News

Llanishen RFC – Club Update, Clarification on Long Term Future and Appeal For Help / Understanding

Llanishen RFC – Club Update, Clarification on Long Term Future and Appeal For Help / Understanding


Note: All the below subject to the finishing of lock down, etc.

As has been previously made clear, the clubhouses financial situation has improved greatly over the last year, but we still have some way to go to hit breakeven or even a small profit. However it is becoming evident that cultural changes taking place in wider society are making the task more difficult. Obvious examples are a less drink driven culture at rugby clubs, more stay at home drinking, going for meals, less M&J players and parents coming back after matches, opposition not coming back to the club post match, etc. This has led to a decline in numbers attending the club, and obviously we need foot fall to remain as a going concern.

This coupled with the corona virus has presented us with a unique set of circumstances and has exasperated the financial situation. We have taken advantage of any grants that are available, but we still find ourselves in a difficult position and need to make some significant but essential changes to the operation and operating hours to ensure the long term viability of the clubhouse.

The core operating hours of the clubhouse will be changed on re-opening as follows:

  • Monday               6-close (12 or earlier)
  • Tuesday               Closed unless Andy’s team playing home for skittles
  • Wednesday        Closed
  • Thursday             Closed unless exiles playing skittles home
  • Friday                    4-closure
  • Saturday              12.30  -2-closure (opening time dependent on home matches)
  • Sunday                 11am – 4pm (allowing M&J teams to return for food post matches) (M&J’s need to encourage away teams to come back to the club)

There will obviously be a degree of flexibility around the closures and skittles teams.

The above are the core hours, and these will be extended as and when we have other bookings and functions that are booked, but all future bookings will need to meet certain Financial Viability tests to ensure we are not losing money. The aim being to at least breakeven, or ideally make a small profit, matching resources employed to the likely revenue. We would love nothing more than to be open more often, but the cold hard facts are that we cannot afford to be open with little or no revenue.

We will continue to where possible refurbish the building and keep improving the environment and service offering, but this is all dependent on us cutting losses and increasing sales. We will also enforce the closing of the main function room when not in use, so that we can save on cleaning and electricity costs.

We have as everyone knows invested substantially in the clubhouse and this has indeed brought a significant upturn in function room bookings, etc. Post virus we will need to work very hard to reinvigorate new bookings and continue to upgrade the clubhouse (funds or donations of time, materials, etc. permitting) wherever possible to encourage more visitors and new varied activities. If anyone has any ideas on this topic, please let us know as we are all in this together.

We want the clubhouse to be a local hub for the community and a strong and vibrant place to visit, that people enjoy. This can only be achieved by people using it more and generating an income that will allow us to pay our bills and reinvest in the club for the benefit of all members.

A good example of us trying to improve the service offering is that we are going to run 1-2 trial Sunday lunches in Mid to end of September, but we will try to take advance bookings and hope to make it a success, and then run more frequently. More details on this to follow.

We all want a great clubhouse, and a welcome place to drink and relax and we can do this with your support.


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